24 > 30 SEPTEMBER 2023 | CANNES

  • Régates Royales de Cannes
  • Régates Royales de Cannes
  • Régates Royales de Cannes
  • Régates Royales de Cannes

Take part in the Royal regattas of Cannes aboard one of the 5 most beautiful sailing boats of the world. Built in 1930 in Denmark this auric’s Goelette length 39 meter, all in teak and mahogany, crossed all the seas of the world with on board many royal families and celebrities. With its two masts, which the most important is 32 meters high, and supports 1,200 m2 of sails, is impressive. Few years ago it was subjected to a complete facelift to allow him still sail many decades for your pleasure.

The commercialisation of this mythical sailboat has been entrusted to us in exclusivity. We registered it in the most beautiful Mediterranean regattas of the French Riviera as the Royal Regatta of Cannes from September the 24th to the 30th, 2023. Go aboard this fabulous sailboat during this event. We also offer you the possibility to participate to the race as if you were a member of the crew. This day will remain in your memory as crew member on a traditional sailboat.

The Cannes royal regattas gather every last week of September 150 of the most beautiful old sailing ships in the world. For one week, these wonders, often older than a century, defeat each other in relentless jousts. Sailing along the beaches and the piers of this beautiful Cannes bay, they are acclaimed by numerous spectators from all over the world.


  • Welcome on board of your yacht by your captain and his crew in Cannes harbour
  • A 35-yard-long yacht with a capacity of 32 people
  • Breakfast and lunch-buffet served on board, drinks included
  • Open-Bar with champagne (1/3 of bottle / person)
  • Maritime and harbour authorizations and insurance to follow the regattas
  • Supervisor and assistance from Lifevents Group

RATE/DAY (VAT 20% excluded) : 12 000€ or 14 400€ including VAT

Others classic sailing boats

We put at your disposal in exclusivity to follow the regattas, three others superb classic boats:
Bateau pointu provencal

Sailboat 11 meters length. Capacity of 6 people cruising.

RATE : 1 600€ or 1 920€ including VAT

Bateau Ketch aurique

Sailboat 19 meters length and a capacity of 12 people cruising.

RATE : 2 700€ or 3 240€ including VAT

Bateau Goélette

Sailboat 24 meters length. Capacity of 28 people cruising.

RATE : 4 500€ or 5 400€ including VAT

Program 2022 (soon 2023)

  • Monday 23rd - Friday 27th
    From 11am - Departure of the Dragon Regatta
  • Tuesday 24th - Saturday 28th
    From 10am - Classic & SOT Elegance Contest
    From 12am - Regatta
  • Tuesday 24th - Saturday 28th
    From 10am - Tofinou Elegance Contest
    From 12am - Regatta
  • Tuesday 24th - Saturday 28th
    From 10am - One Toon Elegance Contest
    From 12am - Regatta
  • Tuesday 24th - Friday 27th
    From 11.30am - Departure of the 5.5m JI – BOD Regatta
  • Sunday 29th
    From 11am - Departure of the Regatta of connection between Cannes and St Tropez

Practical information

  • Dated : From 24th to 30th September 2023
  • Place : Cannes
  • Participants : 3 minimum
  • Phone : +33(0)6 14 84 37 01
  • Mail :

You will receive a reply within 24 hours

9am > 12pm & 2pm > 6pm

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